How will the production focus of the crystal vibration industry change after the outbreak?

Release date:2020-04-27

    Look back at the front of the crystals industry development situation, you will find the use of active crystals proportion is rising year by year, while the new crown outbreak caused no small impact to every walk, but after the outbreak of the recovery work is necessarily to do, though it will be the spread of the coronavirus trend is still fierce, especially overseas region; Although the epidemic is not over, but it is crucial to grasp the current and after the pandemic industry trends and trends, is quite conducive to the recovery of the industry after the epidemic prosperous days, below we will take you to see in the new crown epidemic, jinggong electronics jingzhen industry production focus speech produced what kind of change? And why the change?

    As a service industry of electronic industry, crystal vibration industry is an indispensable component of electronic products. Its frequency signal is also the fundamental obstacle to the stable work of electronic products or equipment. In this case, the future trend of quartz crystal vibration industry is equivalent to the electronic products market demand synchronization. Yes, there is no doubt about it. Before the electronic industry began to pursue miniaturization, when the compact type, the manufacturers of crystal vibration are rushing to make products of small size, why? This is to adapt to the market demand, in order to seek greater development space.

    So what impact will this new outbreak have on the crystal vibration industry? First of all, from the point of crystal vibration industry itself, because the outbreak is aggravating, following the Chinese wisdom of Malaysia, the Philippines and other regional blockade, many crystals factory production factory was shut down, is caused by capacity fell sharply, the second is the market demand, whether panel, mobile phones, cars, and a series of vibration will use to the semiconductor product market want to be a recession in the outbreak, cell phones, car sales shrink, panel industry is a series of problems such as cut off chain will be a big impact to the upstream enterprise.

   But we can't only see the bad side, we should also focus on the good side; Nor should we focus only on the present

   Take the long view although the electronics industry has been badly hit by the current outbreak, it has also been more of a boat than a boat

   For example, medical electronics, such as AI, artificial intelligence, and cha-cha devices have a great demand for quartz crystal vibration products and have a great demand for crystal vibration

   Performance requirements are also relatively high, in the core module at least requires quartz crystal oscillator to be able to meet the requirements.

   In this anti-epidemic war, there are remote ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment robots equipped with 5G, and the new crown can be realized with active crystal vibration as the clock source

   Remote diagnosis and treatment of pneumonia patients; There are also patrol robots that can realize the guidance and tour of diagnosis. There are also limits to achieving automatic floor disinfection

   Robots and so on are visible in the epidemic

AI is developing rapidly with a kind of rapid attitude

Then whether this outbreak will promote the development of artificial intelligence AI technology, whether will accelerate the deployment of AI equipment in human society

Bureau; Whether it will promote the development of medical electronics; The answer, of course, is yes, judging by the momentum of the outbreak.

In addition, the maturity of autonomous driving technology, the popularization of 5G communication, the development of big data and the Internet of things will all demand the crystal vibration industry

  To a certain degree and after the pandemic these areas will have to be developed in advance, however some of the equipment or

The core module of the product often needs active SMT crystal oscillator to output frequency signal.

So in this trend, after the pandemic, with the market demand, the production of crystal vibration industry will be lateral to the active crystal

The primary task of crystal vibration industry is to develop and manufacture high-performance crystal vibration products suitable for high-end electronic products