The crystal oscillator manufacturer tells you how to choose a high-quality crystal oscillator

Release date:2020-09-08

Crystal oscillator is also called active crystal oscillator, and the other is called crystal resonator (passive crystal oscillator). The two are collectively called crystal oscillator. In the purchase of crystal oscillators, the purchase requirements of active crystal oscillators and passive crystal oscillators are different. Today we will talk about the precautions for purchasing crystal oscillators.

1. Visual inspection

By checking the appearance of the product, whether the marking text is clear and standard, whether there are cracks on the surface of the appearance, and whether the pins are soldered. If the product is found to be flawed, it should not be used.

2. Frequency

The appropriate frequency can be selected according to the product requirements. The frequency is extremely important and cannot be replaced at will. Negotiations are required after passing qualification verification or professional testing. If the frequency required by the actual circuit is 13.56mhz, if there is no source of supply, please do not use it at a similar frequency.

3. Model

The application of the crystal oscillator must see the model mark of the housing clearly. The model number indicates a number of parameters of the crystal oscillator. According to product requirements, it is necessary to find the model corresponding to the product parameters, and then send the detailed parameter specification to the customer for confirmation before normal delivery. If the crystal oscillator model is not selected properly, it will cause application errors.

4. Output mode

When choosing a crystal oscillator, the output type of the crystal oscillator required by the circuit should be considered, which is generally divided into level output and differential output. Level output methods are: CMOS, TTL, HCMOS, CMOS is the most commonly used output type; differential output methods are: LVPECL, LVDS, HCSL, CML, LVPECL, LVDS are commonly used differential output types. Different output types cannot be replaced at will, especially differential and ordinary crystal oscillators.

5. Substitution principle

If the crystal oscillator is damaged, in principle, use the original model crystal oscillator to replace it. When there is no original model product, it is best to consider replacing other models or types of crystal oscillators after testing.

You can refer to the above points when buying a crystal oscillator. If you have other supplements or questions, please feel free to contact the crystal oscillator manufacturer-Huiyuan Jinggong!