Main functional materials of quartz crystal resonators

Release date:2020-08-04

Quartz crystal oscillator, short for quartz crystal resonator, is the core product of quartz crystal components. The main functional material of quartz crystal components is silicon dioxide (SiO2) crystals. These crystals are regular, crystal clear and transparent, so they are also called "crystal". The crystal has stable physical and chemical properties. It is not only a better optical material, but also a better piezoelectric material. Under the action of external pressure, the crystal material will deform, and at the same time it will produce electric polarization. The polarization intensity is proportional to the pressure. This characteristic is called "positive piezoelectric effect". On the contrary, when the electric field acts on the crystal material to deform, the magnitude of the deformation is proportional to the strength of the electric field. This characteristic is called the "inverse piezoelectric effect". The existence of this effect causes the crystal material to deform under the action of an electric field, thereby generating mechanical vibration and obtaining a specific frequency.

The main frequency range of the low frequency crystal resonator is KHz. Because the crystal material adopts a tuning fork-shaped cutting process, it is also called a tuning fork crystal resonator. The main frequency range of high-frequency crystal resonators is MHz-GHZ.

Quartz crystal oscillator-use a wide range of time and frequency components

Since the 1960s and 1970s, with the rapid development of world electronic technology, the world quartz crystal resonator market has ushered in sustained and rapid growth. As a standard frequency source or pulse signal source, quartz crystal resonators provide a high-precision frequency reference, gradually expanding from the application of high-end military electronic equipment to the field of civilian electronic products, widely used in consumer electronics, small electronic products, communication equipment, Mobile terminals, network equipment, automobiles and other fields have become the basic components of the electronics industry. Due to its excellent characteristics and low cost advantages, quartz crystal resonators will be difficult to be replaced by other components for a long time in the future. In Japan, quartz crystal resonators are called "industrial salt".

The trend of crystal oscillator in 5G applications-high frequency and miniaturization

Quartz crystal oscillator is the core electronic component in 5G technology. Its function is to provide a reference clock signal and receive transmission signals. Because 5G has high requirements for network equipment, the data workload that network equipment needs to process is very large, and the device circuit needs to use crystal oscillators and other components to issue commands to obtain pulse signal sources to work, which means 5G’s stability to crystal oscillators And reliability has high requirements. In order to meet the requirements of 5G, smart products need to be equipped with high-end and fast 5G products, which need to be equipped with high-precision small chip crystal oscillators. Based on the current market demand, crystal oscillators will develop towards high frequency and miniaturization.

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