Quartz crystal storage standard

Release date:2020-08-25

Many people know that crystal oscillators are a kind of frequency components in electronic components. Low power consumption, it is made of high-precision laser cutting and inlaid electric-grade welding wires. It is the most important component in the crystal oscillator circuit. It is the standard frequency for various parts of computer graphics cards, network ports, and computer motherboards. Quartz crystal is also like a ruler. Unstable output power will cause unstable output power of related equipment. Naturally, it is prone to problems. However, due to the continuous improvement of current manufacturing processes, today's key performance indicators such as frequency error, temperature reliability, embrittlement rate and air tightness are all very good, and common failures are not easy to appear. However, the storage standards of crystal oscillators must arouse everyone's attention to prevent unnecessary accidents.

According to everyone's mastery of crystal oscillators, the following common storage problems are summarized:

1. Consider the humidity and coldness of the surrounding environment, and take anti-extrusion measures. Put it in a dry and natural ventilated place to prevent the crystal from returning to moisture and causing other major parameters to change.

2. The crystal oscillator is an electronic device that is easily damaged. Therefore, anti-vibration measures are also very important. It is not suitable for placing on a higher shelf, and it is not suitable for dropping the crystal during the entire application process. Generally speaking, a quartz crystal dropped from a height cannot be used anymore

3. For cylindrical crystal oscillators, the feet must be cut, and attention should be paid to the hazards of mechanical equipment ground stress.

4. During the entire soldering process of quartz crystal oscillator, the solder temperature should not be too high and the soldering time should not be too long to avoid the resulting crystal changes and the instability of the main parameters.

5. In addition to soldering, clean the crystal oscillator to prevent the grounding resistance from not meeting the specified parameters.

6. Ensure that the solder joints of the two pins are not connected, otherwise the crystal will stop vibration.

7. When the case of the crystal oscillator is grounded, make sure that the case and the pins are not accidentally connected, so as to avoid short-circuit failure, which may cause the crystal oscillator to fail to vibrate.

8. The storage temperature range of the crystal oscillator at room temperature is 25°C. It is dust-proof, installed indoor exhaust, and filters the dust in the air.

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