How difficult it is to miniaturize the technology of SMT

Release date:2020-03-26

In the intelligent terminal tend to be "light, thin, short, small", under the trend of the traditional clock components - quartz crystal oscillator (often called quartz crystal oscillator and crystal oscillator) industry began to perk up, products are increasingly miniaturization, chip the size of the crystal oscillator from the current 7050 upgraded to miniaturization of 1008 size evolution of large size. This goes back to the second wave of the 1990s, when digital devices began to swell.

 Many vendors to speed up the new product release frequency, 2017 by Kyocera (Kyocera Corporation) introduced a microcrystalline CX1008, Taiwan chip technology also followed, overcome the difficult problem to realize miniaturization SMD crystal technology, issued on August 8, 2018 by quartz SMD crystal, Kyocera and crystal technology of two kinds of miniaturization patch crystals used in smart phones, smart watches, wearable terminals, terminal, such as electronic movement.


How difficult it is to miniaturize SMT technology


In general, when the size of the crystal vibrator is reduced from 1.2×1.0mm to 1.0×0.8mm, the series resistance value (CI value) will increase by about 30%, which means that the miniaturization of the crystal element will lead to crystal vibration. Large deviation of electrical characteristics. How to overcome this technical difficulty? Kyocera and yamamura, associate professors at Osaka university, were able to control the thickness and surface condition of the crystals by using the chemical reactions between neutral radicals in the plasma and the surface of the treated material. High accuracy.


After the market baptism and precipitation in recent years, since the second half of this year, the domestic market once again appeared a new wave of smart home appliances boom. Meanwhile, major smart home giants have announced a high priority on smart home eco-strategies and new technologies. It can be predicted that the future market will be a new round of competition, for chip crystal vibration manufacturers is a good thing.


Smart home includes a full range of home intelligence, system integration, smart door locks, smart home appliances, home theater, electricity, smart community, smart buildings, smart robots, smart hardware, smart Internet of things integrated applications, and so on. After almost no use of SMD crystal in these places, SMD crystal becomes an indispensable part.

Intelligent life seems very far away, but it is getting closer and closer to us step by step. In the 1980s, people were still worried about food. Now China is developing very fast. Every smart product brings great convenience to life. As far as diet is concerned, there is a growing demand for spiritual entertainment. The entertainment industry is developing rapidly. Further promoted the development of the electronic industry, electronic products cannot be separated from SMT crystal vibration, which is also related to how to choose SMT crystal vibration suitable for its products, choose aoyuda, focus on the SMT crystal vibration industry for 11 years, selection, research and development, small batch, a person contact! Efficient and quick response, to meet your efficient work.