What should petite volume SMT crystal oscillator pay attention to?

Release date:2020-01-07

In recent years, with the development of electronic products such as smart phones, computers and televisions, as well as the technological progress of core components such as navigation antenna and chip (module), the core components with small size and low power consumption are gradually promoted to the market, while the internal components are gradually reduced with the increase of size.

The seven things that open the door are: "daily necessities, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar tea". Salt is People's Daily necessities. Others put crystalline components such as the heart into a PCB, where the IC is the brain and the strength is the blood. The crystal gives the IC a frequency signal to make it work. In any case, crystals play an indispensable role in the electronics industry. However, quartz crystals must be treated very precisely to provide accurate clocks for the electrical system. EPSON is undoubtedly the leading craftsman in quartz crystal carving, accounting for more than a fifth of the global market for crystal components. The company's product line includes virtually all quartz crystal devices, including: passive crystal, active crystal oscillator, TCXO, VCXO, SAW oscillator, OCXO, atomic clock, real-time clock RTC, angular velocity sensor, LCD controller, LCD driver and frequency coverage from KHz to GHz.

In China's mature market, such as office market, clock market and electricity meter market, EPSON's crystal components are widely praised for their high precision, high reliability and stable supply, winning the favor of many customers. A tiny crystal oscillator, like an invisible crystal. Only the heart seeks, seeks where it is. The role of crystal oscillator is not trivial, both large and small electronic devices use crystal oscillator, digital circuit like the human heart, small volume crystal oscillator plays a crucial role.

So what should we pay attention to in a small volume crystal oscillator?

1 weak crystal was afraid of falling, if the crystal drop from the sky, it is not recommended to continue working, this feature is applicable to plug in crystal, because only the plug-in crystal to manual welding, and the risk of falling is greater than the automatic placement machine and internal chip is about to fall down from the sky, it is easy to damage the internal thin chip, the chip inside the crystal is the heart of the crystal itself, quartz ceramic shell is a layer of protection, thus produces vibration semiconductor crystal and ceramic, just because the outside material depends on both. Also, SMD, not to mention the internal structure, is hard to drop during welding alone.

2, crystal vibration is afraid of heat and cold, just like people, crystal vibration will also be afraid of cold, will also be afraid of heat. The normal working temperature of crystal vibration is -10-75℃, while the working temperature of crystal vibration resistant to high and low temperature can be maintained at -55℃-+ 125℃. Beyond this temperature range, the crystal will collide. Therefore, do not abuse our little crystal.

3, crystal vibration fear dust. Yes, this is probably the first time many people have heard of something, and even thought that the crystal itself was completely sealed, so even if there was dust, it couldn't get in. In fact, tiny particles of dust can unknowingly get inside the crystal vibration, lie on the chip, and make it impossible for the crystal vibration to work properly. Therefore, all of our SMD crystal vibrators have been carefully designed and sealed, and this workshop will be produced in a dust-free workshop.