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Release date:2019-12-17

High and low temperature impact test box is a kind of accurate environmental test instrument, and the cost of equipment acquisition is high, so usually in the use of the process to operate according to the rules, more attention to maintenance, that is, how to maintain high and low temperature impact test box?

Normal maintenance of high and low temperature impact test chamber:

1. Maintenance of exhaust fan and air duct: the air duct of the equipment should be cleaned every half a year to prevent foreign matter from blocking, thus affecting the ventilation and cooling effect of the equipment. In addition, the insulation of the exhaust fan should also be checked to ensure the normal operation of the ventilation equipment.

2. Maintenance of the control system: the control system is an important part of the temperature control and regulation of the high and low temperature impact test chamber, so it is necessary to check regularly whether the temperature sensor is firm and the connection is firm. Loose, whether the parameter setting of temperature controller is normal. There are also main control sensors, overheating sensors, temperature monitoring sensors, if there is a problem to timely repair or replace, to check regularly!

3, internal and external cleaning: before the operation should be cleared of debris and internal impurities, for cleaning, can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the indoor dust, can wipe and cover the external available soap and water, in addition to the substation, distribution box in the front panel instruments need to clean regularly, in case of internal dust, please wipe with a dry cloth!

Prohibited matters to be noted during use:

During the test, the internal temperature of the equipment is very high or the influence is large, so it is not suitable to put a variety of substances into the equipment for testing, such as flammable, explosive, volatile, corrosive substances. There are other substances that cannot be stored and tested in equipment, such as corrosive substances, biological samples, and samples of strong electromagnetic radiation sources. These substances can not be put into the high and low temperature shock chamber equipment, otherwise it is easy to have a safety accident!

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